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Mochila portabebés Genius Allrounder


  • GBP: £59.99
  • CANALLA: $59.99
  • EUR: 59.99 €
  • AUD: $59.99

★ Carries all babies in all positions

★ For newborns up to 36 months

★ Breathable, lightweight and ultra-comfortable

★ Safety for parents and babies

★ The all-in-one solution for all needs

★ Suited for all 4 seasons

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The all-in-one solution for all babies and all positions

The new genius allrounder baby carrier works as a sling, front carrier, back carrier, hip seat or any combination of those. Just as individual as your baby.

If you have a baby between 0-36 months, you need a carry solution. In fact, it is the most important baby gear item, according to many experts. But with so many options available in baby stores, it becomes almost impossible to make the right choice. There are front carriers, back carriers, hip carriers, forward-facing carriers, slings and wraps. But which one is best for you and your baby?

New genius allrounder baby carrier combines all features

Luckily, there’s a better option available than just buying several different carriers for different occasions. Now you can keep your baby close to you in your preferred position without all the hassle. Need to switch positions? Now you can, within seconds. The choices are totally yours.

Why is a baby carrier better than a stroller?

Baby carriers are much more flexible than strollers. You can navigate through crowded areas much better with a baby carrier and overall it makes you much more agile. Additionally, baby carriers allow your arms and hands a rest from doing all the baby-holding work. Grab a coffee to go instead. And if you need to answer the phone, you’ll now have your hands free to do so. Lugging a stroller in and out of the trunk of your car or public transportation is an absolute nightmare. Once you have tried traveling with your little one by train or bus, you know what I mean. But now you can skip it.

Besides these “comfort” features of carrying your baby in a carrier there are two more that are not that obvious. The first one is that your body produces oxytocin (the love hormone) when you have physical contact with your baby. This is great for bonding and improves the relationship with your baby that will last a lifetime. Research shows that babies that have been carried cry 54% less during the evenings when they get tired. If you have trouble getting your baby to bed, you now have a great solution at your hands.

Which positions does the Genius Allrounder Baby Carrier allow?

Well, that’s totally up to you. Thanks to the integrated hip seat, that can also work as a standalone, you can nearly choose all positions that you can imagine. A picture tells more than words here:

kidsbaron genius allrounder baby carrier showing all carry positions

Additional information

The genius allrounder baby carrier is made of extremely breathable, high quality materials to make it as safe as possible for you and your baby. All components are breathable and focused on comfort and safety. Little pockets make it possible to carry wet wipes, diapers or baby bottles with you. All at the most possible comfort for you.

The best part is our pricing. Similar carriers can easily cost between $150 – $200, depending where you buy them. We know that this is expensive and not everybody can afford those prices. However, we believe that comfort, convenience and safety is something that all parents and all kids deserve. That’s why we decided to offer this genius baby carrier at an affordable price for anyone. So if you would like to feel all the features and benefits this device has to offer for yourself, please don’t hesitate and put in your order today. And if you have any additional questions, just reach out to us through our contact form or by sending us an email. We’ll be happy to help.


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