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Water Beads Gun With Flash Light

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** This special gun is not sold in stores so grab yours now **

  • Shoots water beads and foam darts
  • Shoots up to 80 feet
  • With flash light and red dot
  • Water beads are 100% biodegradable
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This new toy gun is perfectly suited for shooting water filled gel balls or foam darts so it will guarantee a lot of fun not just during summer. Foam darts and a pack of beads are included in this package. If you get our refill pack you get practically unlimited ammo because there are 10.000 water beads included. You are also able to shoot standard Nerf darts with this gun. We have luminous foam darts in our store that make a wonderful addition. This screams for an action filled time for or with your kids. Turn your backyard into a water battlefield or outsource the action to your friends homes or even the park. The color of the guns are chosen by random. If you like to get a specific color please leave a comment and we will see what we can do for you. Your personal water fun begins now!


* The water beads have to be soaked in water for at least 2 hours before they can be used *


How to use:

water beads gun

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