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How To Teach Your Kids To Save Money The Easy Way

how to teach kids to save money

As a parent, you’re tasked with the responsibility of teaching your little ones everything they need to know about fundamental concepts in life. Thanks to you, they’ll be able to tell right from wrong, they’ll understand how cause and effect works, they’ll be able to comprehend what love is, what responsibility feels like, and more. […]

Child Development During The First Seven Years of Childhood

child development from 1 to seven years article

The majority of people around the world become parents at some point in their lives. However, this doesn’t mean that parenting is an easy journey. Becoming a parent goes hand in hand with a range of new experiences, compromises, learning, and so much more. The development of your child and their role in the world […]

Child Development Stages: Drawing and Writing

child drawing and scribbling

As parents, one of the most exciting times in our child’s development is the moment they start drawing and writing. This is a very special moment that is difficult to forget as it symbolizes that your child is now ready to embrace a whole new phase of life. Drawing and writing are both creative processes […]

Diamond Painting for Kids: Your Questions Answered

child diamond painting 5d

With the holidays coming up, are starting to wonder what to buy your little ones this Christmas? Or perhaps you’re just looking for a way to keep them occupied and focused on an activity that can stimulate their mind and creativity while at home? Well, luckily, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, […]

How Toys Help Your Kids’ Development

best toys for child development

For a newborn, the whole world is a mystery and there is so much to learn. The good news is that children are extremely fast learners and they gain new information using all of their senses. The first months and years are crucial for the formation of knowledge and experience and our job as parents […]

9 Educational Toys for Curious Children and Why They are Important

educational toys for kids and their importance

Children learn how to develop their skills from a very early age through playing. Hence, it is quite important that they have the right toys that help them discover and polish a variety of abilities that are crucial for their life. Educational toys evoke curiosity in children and make them explore while learning. It is […]

How to prepare your child for their first dentist visit

child dentist

Having a child lets parents experience so many things for the first time again! Think about your little one’s first smile, first word, first tooth, first day out, first school day! Growing up is full of “firsts” that leave long-lasting memories in the consciousness of our babies. However, although most of these first times will […]

Your Smart Baby

Influencing Your Child’s Cognitive Development Babies are boring, right? They’re cute little balls of drool that coo at all the right times, but they don’t do anything, do they? Sure they do! Those little baldies may look like they’re just staring off into space, kicking their feet, but from every glance around their new world, […]

Trick Your Kids into Learning: 7 Toys to Foster Brilliance

All three of my kids are vastly different when it comes to learning. My oldest boy loves learning. I call him my little egghead. If it’s a book, he’ll read it. If it’s a science project, he’ll explode it. The middle kid is a little more hands on. He’s my sports star, and I’ve got […]

Keeping Kids Safe Online

keeping kids safe online

Raising kids is scary enough when you just think about the most obvious dangers. You’re worried about your new driver, the pressure your kids might face to try drugs or alcohol and all the other bad in the world. Add the internet to the mix and it can seem terrifying. Fortunately, there are steps you […]

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