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Accessories: Fun and Fashion for Kids

accessories for kids fun and fashion

If you have recently become a parent, the world of fashion and accessories for kids may be something completely new to you and it may be the case that you are sometimes confused as to what to choose as the best product for your baby or little one.  To calm you down we would like […]

How to shop for kids’ clothes?

shopping clothes for kids

Shopping for clothes and shoes for your kids is a challenge faced by all parents but it can be a pleasant and entertaining activity if you know a few basic rules. There are certain tips that can help you with this undertaking and save you time, efforts, and money. In some cases, it is even […]

Safety First: How to Choose Your Kids’ Clothes

how to choose clothes for your kids

Buying clothes for your kids is not that easy, given the fact that you need to take several factors into account that include safety, comfort and your little one’s preferences. Combine this with the fact, that the smaller the children are, the faster they outgrow clothes and you may end up feeling that all you […]

Saving money on kids´clothes

kids clothes

My child wears a size 5 ½ shoe. Which is particularly of interest to me because three months ago my child was in a size 5 shoe.  Shoes aren’t something I skimp on – you all know how I feel about properly fitting, super-supportive shoes. That goes for kids, too. So it would seem that […]

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