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Accessories: Fun and Fashion for Kids

accessories for kids fun and fashion

If you have recently become a parent, the world of fashion and accessories for kids may be something completely new to you and it may be the case that you are sometimes confused as to what to choose as the best product for your baby or little one. 

To calm you down we would like to point out that accessories are not only a trendy thing for grownups but they are quite popular for kids as well. Kids’ fashion and accessories are a way of helping your child have fun with ordinary tasks such as tooth brushing or show their personality and uniqueness when spending time with other kids at the playground. In today’s highly adapted shopping world, there is literally something for everyone and it is a matter of choosing the right products that will bring in some fun and joy to you as a parent and to your children. 

So let’s prepare for a colorful and adventurous ride with a list of suggested accessories that can add a bit of magic to your daily routine with the kids. We will also look at a few fashionable suggestions that will make your little one feel special and unique. 

Accessories for Children – What You Should Know

Choosing the best accessories or fashion products for your child may be a bit of a tricky endeavor. Depending on the age and maturity of your little one, you may need to be extra careful and consider a few factors that will prevent you from causing unpleasant or even dangerous situations. After all, we want to ensure that your approach to fun and fashion for kids has a safety first mentality.

 If you have set your eyes on a product that you truly want to purchase for your child, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Is the product’s size suitable for the age of your little one? In other words, can the accessory or toy be swallowed and cause a threat to the health condition of your child or lead to choking? If so, it is highly advisable to avoid products like this or make sure that the child has access to the product only at your presence. 

What is the material used for the product? Little ones are especially sensitive to certain materials and it is essential to ensure that the resources of the product are as natural as possible and will not be of risk to the health of your kids. For instance, materials such as lead as extremely inadvisable for children as they have a negative impact on a number of organs, especially if swallowed or inhaled. We advise that you are also careful about any paint or additional chemicals that the product may include. 

Tip: Always read the ingredients or materials used for products or accessories that will be used by your little ones. If the information is not available, contact the manufacturer and request additional information. 

Does the product include PVC? This is certainly a no-no category for children’s products, accessories, or toys. PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a plastic type that includes a number of harmful chemicals such as dioxin, phthalates, and other carcinogens, which often result in allergies, asthma, and reproductive issues. To avoid any threats it is advisable that you check the little ones’ accessories and toys for a PVC-free label. 

Are there any pointy edges or sharp areas? Make sure that the selected clothes or accessories have no sharp areas that may cause cuts or scratches on your little one’s skin. Most products and clothes have been created in a way to be kid-friendly but it is worth double-checking just in case.

Great, now that we have covered the basics, let’s take a look at a few cool accessories and fashion items for kids that will bring a ton of fun in your days and nights!

Cute Animal Faucet Extender

One of the most important tasks for you as a parent is to inspire your little one to regularly clean up and spend some time washing up after meals or in the morning and before bed. A cool way of making cleaning up more fun for both you and the kids is to use a fun faucet extender that will bring a whole new personality to the sink. For instance, our cute animal faucet extender can bring a duck, dolphin, or elephant to your bathroom or kitchen faucet and attract your little ones to spend more time with the toys and the water. 

The extender is easy to attach and extends the spigot’s stream in order to make the process easier. In addition, the animal faucet extender suitable for kids is BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free, which makes it a perfect selection!

Minions Toothpaste Dispenser 

Next in the list but not less important is using a toothpaste dispenser as a cool accessory for your kid’s tooth brushing routine. Regularly brushing the little ones’ teeth is just important as regular washing and ensures a high level of hygiene and a better health condition. Choosing our Minions toothpaste dispenser will bring the world of Minions in your bathroom and will certainly make tooth brushing more fun and enjoyable. 

Dental care should not only be obligatory but it should be a fun activity with the kids. Let the minions help your little one grow with no cavities! The dispenser is also beneficial for parents as it is automatic, saves toothpaste and leaves no messes behind. Sounds like the dream kids accessory, right?

Choosing the Perfect Baby Pacifiers 

Imagine if you had a funny pacifier that puts a smile on your face every time your baby uses it? Well, the good news is that this crazy idea can actually become reality! We have thought about the parents’ perspective as well and have included in our catalog the funny pacifiers, which you will struggle to ignore. 

The pacifier is an essential accessory for your baby and must be carefully designed to provide orthodontic support. Our funny pacifiers have been approved by dentists and tested successfully. They provide excellent orthodontic support and the benefit is their hilarious designs. You can choose from a mustache pacifier or a number of funny looking teeth pacifiers. Why not add a bit of spice to this essential baby accessory?

A potty with Toilet Ring for Optimal Training

Have you experienced difficulty with training your kids to use the toilet? Worry not, the perfect solution is here! Our cute cow potty with toilet ring for optimal training has been specifically designed for the purpose and it tends to become the favorite accessory for kids! The potty is suitable for both boys and girls and is great at creating a calming and fun atmosphere for the task due to the cow characters.

The cow potty is extremely environmentally friendly, made of non-toxic material, which perfectly fits in with the requirements of most parents. The potty can be used both with a normal toilet or standalone and its main plus is that it provides a convenient drawer ensuring easy cleaning with no unnecessary messes. The potty has also been designed with extra capacity to avoid overflowing and negative experiences. Toilet training has just become easier and more enjoyable, for both you and the kids!

Now that we’ve listed a few suggestions from the accessories category, it’s time to move onto the fashion items that your kids will love!

Kids LED Light Shoelaces

Who doesn’t like a bit of bling-bling when it comes to fashion? You can easily tone up your child’s outfit by adding these amazing LED light shoelaces to any outfit! Although they can be used on any kind of shoe, they look exceptionally well on sneakers. The LED light shoelaces can be in your kid’s favorite color as you can choose options from blue, green, orange, pink, red, or yellow.  

The lights go on under your command and provide three settings – on, flashing, of double flashing. Depending on how playful your little one’s mood is you can use the setting that will make them feel cool and unique. The LED light shoelaces are 32 inches long and are a trendy fashion accessory that will fit any child’s outfit.

USB Rechargeable LED Shoes for Kids

Continuing the style of LED accessories for children, the USB rechargeable LED shoes for children are another interesting idea to add something different and fun as a fashion accessory for the little one. The LED shoes have been designed with special attention to the comfort of your child’s feet and have been created with high-quality materials. The USB charging cable will help you forget about batteries as you can now recharge the shoes anywhere. 

The LED shoes are suitable for children above three years old. There are two colors available, white and black, to ensure that they perfectly complement any outfit. Imagine the moments of fun and adventure that these LED shoes can bring to your little one! 

Super Hero Zip Hoodies

Have you already introduced the fantastic world of superheroes to your kids? Well, regardless of whether the answer is yes or no, our Super Hero zip hoodies for kids will certainly bring new experiences for your little one! If your child has already selected a favorite character from Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, or Capitan America, you can dress them up as their idol and make them feel as if they too have the superpowers of the character. And if the characters are still something they haven’t heard about, what better way to introduce them to this wonderful territory?

The hoodies have been designed from high-quality cotton and are extra comfortable. Your child will experience satisfaction and pleasure while wearing them as they keep a perfect temperature. 

Pokemon Children Socks

Just sound of this makes us excited! Pokemon is probably one of the most popular and loved animated TV shows for kids and its diverse characters are just too cute not to love! The Pokemon socks for kids come in a pack of four and include the characters Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, and Psyduck! Imagine how special your kid will feel wearing his favorite characters on their feet! 

The socks have been designed from comfortable and kids-friendly material and will surely keep your little one’s feet warm and happy! 

As you can see there are a large variety of options you can choose from when it comes to kids fashion and accessories! You can make every day even more fun by making use of the available products of today and help your kids feel calmer, happier and healthier with carefully selected products. Fashion is not only for parents as kids also want to feel unique too and we hope that our list of fun suggestions for kids’ accessories and fashion will help you make their dreams come true! 

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