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25 Easy Ways To Make Your Kids Feel Like A Superstar On Their Birthday

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It’s not just adults who love birthdays. Kids are the most excited to celebrate their special day, and they’re often more than willing to go all out in order to make it a memorable occasion. From telling you what kind of cake they want (or even making one themselves!) to picking out the perfect outfit and decorations for their party, kids can’t wait for that big day when everyone will be paying attention only to them. It’s no wonder that birthdays carry so much weight with children – after all, it’s really hard for them grow up feeling like anything but a star on this very special day!

The truth is that you don’t have to do too much at all in order to make your child feel like he or she really is a superstar on his or her birthday. In fact, here are some easy ways for you to make your child feel like the most special person in the world.

Tip #1 – Embrace The Theme

Do your best to embrace the theme. One of the biggest arguments that you and your child will have on his or her birthday is likely going to be about the party’s theme. No matter what type of party it is, whether it’s a superhero party for boys or a princesses’ tea party for girls, your little one will probably have a theme in mind.

Tip #2 – Serve Them Their Favourite Breakfast

One of the best ways to make a child feel like a king or queen is to serve their favorite breakfast on their birthday. If you have a little girl, then you might be in for an argument about what to cook her – whether it’s pancakes and waffles, or something else entirely. What matters is that you are willing to cook the food your child loves most.

Tip #3 – Let Them Pick The Decorations and Party Favors

Giving them the freedom to pick out decorations and party favors will let your kids feel like they have a creative input on their birthday, leaving them feeling much more involved in what’s going on. After all, it’s their special day, and they should be able to express themselves however they want.

Tip #4 – Give Them A Special Gift

No matter what type of party it is that you will be throwing – a surprise birthday party or one that they have been planning for months, your child will probably want to get a gift for their special day. Be sure to ask him or her beforehand what he or she would like to receive.

Tip #5 – Let Them Decide On Their Outfit

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There is nothing that your child will love more than being able to pick out his or her own birthday outfit. Whether it’s a superhero costume for boys or a pretty princess dress for girls, getting to pick their own outfits will make them feel like they have a real say in their day – and any kid will love that!

Tip #6 – Let Them Decide On The Menu, Too.

While it’s important to consider your child’s allergies when you’re cooking his or her birthday meal, it is also a great idea to let them decide what they want to have for their special day. After all, if they are the guests of honor, then they should get to decide how the party is going to be run.

Tip #7 – Let Them Decide On The Party Games

From musical chairs to pin the tail on the donkey, there are tons of party games that you can play at your child’s birthday. Leave it up to the kids to decide which game they would like to play. Even if you have a specific type of game in mind, it will be fun for you to see what they come up with on their own.

Tip #8 – Start The Day With A Morning Surprise

You can use the morning of their birthday to get your child up with a special surprise. Whether it’s bringing in the mail and having it be full of party invitations, a giant gift that they weren’t expecting or simply waking them up along with a few friends, there are so many ways for you to make him or her feel extra special before the day even starts.

Tip #9 – Let Them Choose A Birthday Story Book

Once upon a time, every kid’s favorite part of the birthday celebration was when their parents would read them a special storybook. Nowadays, with busy schedules and all of the other things that come along with raising children, it might be easy to forget about that special birthday tradition. Don’t let the birthday storybook be forgotten!

Tip #10 – Make Them Their Favorite Dinner

Kids love to eat their favorite meals, and that’s a fact. You can make your child feel like he or she is a celebrity for sure by cooking up something tasty on his or her special day, such as spaghetti and meatballs or grilled cheese sandwiches.

Tip #11 – Have A Surprise Birthday Party At Your Home

Surprise birthday parties are the bomb, and they’re also pretty simple to plan. Whether it’s a few of their friends coming over with cupcakes or a bunch of them all gathered together at your house on his or her special day, throwing an impromptu party is not as difficult as you might imagine. Just be sure to alert the parents of the other children that it will be happening so they can prepare their kids beforehand.

Tip #12 – Take Them Out To Eat At Their Favorite Restaurant

It doesn’t matter if your child is a picky eater or not, as everyone has his or her own favorite restaurant. Taking your kid out to eat at a restaurant of his or her choice is a great way to let them feel like a star on their special day.

Tip #13 – Take Them To Their Favorite Store

If your child loves nothing more than hanging out at the toy store, then you should definitely make sure that you take him or her there and let him or her pick something out! Even if your kids are all grown up now, they will still love getting to go to the store of their choice with you on their birthday.

Tip #14 – Let Them Have A “Yes-Day”

On their birthday, you can let your child have a “yes-day,” where they get to do or be anything that they want. You don’t have to give in to every single request that they make, but it is important for kids to feel free and unrestrained on their special day.

Tip #15 – Let Them Choose A Birthday Movie

If you’re worried about what movie to put on for the birthday party at your home, just let your child decide! Surprise him or her with a movie that they have been wanting to see for a while but haven’t gotten around to watching yet.

Tip #16 – Let Them Choose The Birthday Cake

When it comes time to choose a birthday cake, let your child make the decision. Whether you’re planning to buy a premade one or making it from scratch, get your little one involved in the process so that he or she can have some say and feel like he has some of the power.

Tip #17 – Let Them Choose Their Party Favors

Kids love to have party favors, so you can let them take care of their own birthday party favors. You might find that they wait until the last minute and don’t plan ahead about what they’re going to give out as favors, but just know that even at the last second, it will be something that lies within their price range.

Tip #18 – Buy Your Kid A Book On His Or Her Favorite Subject

You might not know much about a certain subject, but your child likely does. If you want to give them something special on their birthday that shows how much you care and love them, buying them a book about a favorite subject is the ultimate way to do it.

Tip #19 – Take Them To The Park Or A Movie

If you’re in a hurry, and there are tons of errands that need to be run on their birthday, don’t worry. Just take them out to the park or to see a movie instead. Chances are they will feel like a star just hanging out with you on their special day.

Tip #20 – Get The Birthday Child In On The Gift-Giving

Most kids are excited to help pick out a present for someone. When the birthday child is involved in picking out a gift for charity, it makes them feel like they have some type of power… and therefore, feeling like any star would.

Tip #21 – Let Them Choose Their Own Party Theme

Themes seem to be the present-day theme of birthday parties, but that doesn’t mean you always have to go with a specific theme. Giving your child free rein and letting them choose what the party will look like is one of the best ways to ensure that their special day goes off without a hitch.

Tip #22 – Let Them Help Make The Party Decorations

If you want, the birthday child can help make decorations for the party too. Whether they are making decorations with paper or using items around the house, letting them be crafty is a great way to make sure that they feel special on their big day.

Tip #23 – Bake Them Their Favorite Cookies Or Cupcakes

Homemade cookies and cupcakes are always a winner, especially on the birthday of your child! Let them choose their favorite confection, and make sure that you actually bake it. Your little one will be beyond excited to help you in the kitchen and eat his or her creation.

Tip #24 – Take Them To A Special Place That You Both Love

Kids love to feel connected and a part of things, so you can take them to a special place that is meaningful for the both of you. Whether it’s your favorite restaurant or an amusement park close by, they will feel happy and like they’re at a superstar-like environment.

Tip #25 – Give Them A Special Necklace Or Bracelet And Add Some Bling

Another great way to show your kid how much you love them is by giving them a special piece of jewelry. Whether you buy the necklace or bracelet, it doesn’t matter. Giving something that they can wear with pride will make their day extra special and memorable.

If you want to put a smile on your child’s face and make their birthday day special, these easy tips will help. From letting them decorate the house to picking out gifts for charity or allowing them to choose what kind of theme they’ll have, there are so many ways that you can celebrate with your kids without breaking the bank. If any of these ideas sound like something you would enjoy doing with your children, let us know! We’re happy to hear about your experiences and success stories. In the end, we only have a few years with our little ones before they’re grown up. Let’s make these special days really special memories!

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