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7 Amazing Halloween Costumes For Kids

halloween costumes for kids ideas

Fall is already here and with the change of seasons come so many things to look forward to! Cozy days, beautiful orange leaves, pumpkin pie, oh and wait – Halloween

Some of you have probably started planning in advance for one of the most awaited events of the year. Halloween is among the most enjoyable days of the year as it gives us the opportunity to experiment and use our imagination to the fullest. It is that special day when we can be whoever or whatever we want! 

For the new parents out there, organizing Halloween is even more exciting. To see your little one dressed up in a Halloween costume for the first time is certainly one of those moments that are remembered for life. 

Regardless of the age, making your child’s Halloween extra special does require a bit of thought in advance. We wanted to share with you some of the coolest Halloween costume ideas that your little one will love. Some of the suggestions are ideal for family Halloween parties, while others are more suitable for a cozy Halloween evening at home. 

Here they come!

1. Super-Cute Animal Onesie

Halloween doesn’t have to be limited to superheroes and fairies. It can be a time when your baby can be dressed up in an adorable animal onesie costume romper. Especially if you are dressing up a newborn in a Halloween costume – this is a perfect choice! 

Animals are one of the first things that babies interact with, whether in real life or via photos, games, or TV. Dressing up your toddler in a comfortable and soft Panda onesie will surely make them feel special on Halloween. The onesies are available in different designs:

super cute onesie costume rompers for kids up to 2 years
perfect for cold weather
  • Tiger
  • Leopard
  • Stitch
  • Cow
  • Dalmatian
  • Rabbit
  • Rooster
  • Pig
  • Sheep
  • Duck
  • Mouse

The choice is all yours!

2. Fairy Tale Princess Dress Up 

We truly believe that every girl has at least once wished or imagined what it would be like to be a princess. The magical world of fairy tales is depicted in Disney movies, TV shows, children’s books, and pretty much everywhere. 

Fairy Tale Princess Dress
every little girl’s dream

Let your little one connect with this beautiful world by dressing them up in a fairy tale princess dress. If they have a favorite character from a movie or story, you can get one that resembles the look for an extra touch of uniqueness. For instance, your little girl can get be Snow White or Sleeping Beauty for a day. 

To get the perfect look for your baby girl, try to find matching accessories or other objects that the character is associated with. This could be anything from head accessories such as hats or crowns, to baskets, shoes… anything that creates a complete princess look. 

The good news is that the dress can be used for other occasions after Halloween. For instance, it is a great solution for kids’ themed birthday parties or pretend play. 

3. Superman Suit

The universe of superheroes is another popular and loved world full of characters with special abilities. Supernatural talents are interesting not only to the little ones but to parents as well. They remind us that nothing is impossible.  

Cozy Cartoon Character Suit / Pajamas - Superman
is it a plane? is it a bird?…

Superman is a great example of a truly loved and appreciated character by people of all ages. However, for the kids, he remains an absolute superhero that they completely admire. Surprise your little one with a Superman cartoon heroes suit. This amazing Halloween must-have can be worn as a pajama, a house suit, a costume, or why not just for fun? 

The costume’s material is extremely comfy and soft on the skin, avoiding any possibilities of irritability. To make things even better – it’s fit for sleepwear regardless of the season. 

4. Iron Man Halloween Costume

iron man costume for halloween

Next on the list, Iron Man is another legendary hero from the almost supernatural world. The iron suit is well known across the world and chances are that if your little one has had access to the TV, Internet, or a social circle of friends, they’ve probably already met him too. 

Regardless of whether you’re planning a big night out with the kids on Halloween or you’re just looking to welcome the trick or treaters in a more fun way, the Iron Man costume can do you wonders! 

The costume is not only amazing to look at and comfortable to wear, it actually has the potential to be of help around the house. The full package includes a costume and a mask so there’s nothing to worry about – all you need is already there!

5. Darth Vader Costume

It’s time to move on to another fantastic world of adventure – Star Wars. This fictional character comes closer to entering the dark side without offering an experience that is too frightening or scary for the kids. 

Darth vader superhero suit pyjamas halloween costume

The battle between good and bad is eternal in Star Wars and Halloween is a great way to organize role play or mini-games oriented around the theme. You can get matching Darth Vader costumes for you and your little one or even better – assign different roles to each family member. 

For instance, complement your little one’s Darth Vader Halloween costume by dressing up as Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia. The suit is ideal for kids aged between two and eight. Its applications are many, from cool pajamas to a house suit that the kids can wear while doing everyday activities. There are so many fun ideas to play around with this Halloween!

6. Sheriff Woody Costume

Sheriff Woody is yet another iconic character that can be used as inspiration for Halloween. Why not get the kids Sheriff Woody Halloween costumes that be complemented with a complete décor at home. Toy Story features a wide range of toy characters that can be easily found online and placed around the house to create a themed day. 

Cozy Cartoon Character Suit / Pajamas - Woody

If you’re thinking of inviting friends or family this Halloween, you can officially set the theme of the party on Toy Story and make some preparations in advance. Assign roles to your guests and watch as everyone arrives dressed up as a different Toy Story character. To make things even more fun, let the assigned character be a surprise by putting everyone’s name in a box. Ask your friends and family to take out names as you call out the characters from the movie. 

What a great way to spice things up this Halloween, right?

7. Capitan America

Who hasn’t heard of Capitan America?

If your kids are into the whole superhero concept and enjoy fantasy stories, chances are that they will truly love to spend some time in a Capitan America suit.  The Marvel Comics fictional superhero is another legendary alpha character, who fights for a better world. He carries along with an indestructible shield that he uses in battle. 

captain America halloween costume, Pajamas

Now, as you can imagine, one of the best things for a child is to have the freedom to play around and pretend to be whoever they’ve set their eyes on as an idol or character they admire. You might want to find a safe to play with shield and add it as an accessory to the costume to get the full look. 

Imagine the reactions of your neighbors as they come trick or treating to your door and Capitan America opens up! Priceless!

Be As Creative As You Can

To make Halloween special and a day worth remembering, use your imagination to the fullest. We are here to help by providing high quality, safe to wear Halloween suits for the little ones. However, the day shouldn’t be limited to wearing a cool costume. Try to create a story that your children won’t want to get out of. The more details there are, the better the experience will be.

If possible, plan ahead and use different decorations around the house to create the right atmosphere. Getting together with friends with kids who will also be dressed up a nice way to help your little one adapt to the scenery, especially if they are aged under three. Remember, Halloween can be a bit spooky and you never know how your baby may react to unplanned or unexpected situations. Try to keep things running according to plan and avoid putting your little one in interaction with unfamiliar faces. 

Especially with all the costumes and makeup going on during the day, it can be quite stressful for a toddler to see things that are difficult to comprehend from the eyes of a baby. If you have made your mind to go trick or treating with the little ones, try to do during the earlier hours of the day when the truly scary costumes are still not out on the streets. 

We hope that this list has helped you get inspired for this Halloween and has given you some useful ideas for dressing up your little one. After all, it’s only one day during the year that we get to experience the magic of Halloween so let’s make it count.

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