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Why You Need a Maternity or Pregnancy Pillow When You Are Expecting

why you need a maternity and pregnancy pillow when expecting

Sleep is maybe the most important part of pregnancy. Both you and your baby need essential sleep to stay healthy and feel rested enough to face the next day. However, sleeping becomes so much more difficult when you are pregnant because you have all these new aches and pains as well as a big belly that keeps getting in the way at night.

Here is why a maternity & body pillow is a great investment when you are expecting.

Why do you need a body pillow when pregnant?

The Bump Gets in the Way. Everyone knows that a baby bump is something to celebrate, but it can be very annoying at night. When you lie down on your side, your belly will push against the mattress and create a gap between you and the bed. Your arm might get squished and uncomfortable against this gap, not to mention your baby bump.

In order to prevent strain on your back you need a body pillow that is long enough to support the entire length of your body. This will also help you align your spine in an ergonomic way which means you are less likely to wake up with tingling and cramping in your arms and legs.

Comfort and Support. Speaking of alignment, when you are pregnant your body is going through a lot of changes which means it needs extra support to keep it balanced. Your belly, back and neck will all need some extra help at night because they get sore and are dealing with the daily stress of carrying around a little one.

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Sleeping on your side is good for your blood circulation. You might be thinking that it is the best way to keep your baby bump out of the way and correctly aligned, but sleeping on one side can also prevent air flow which means you are more likely to have heartburn and wake up with a stuffy nose.

Having a maternity & body pillow will help you sleep comfortably on either side. It will also keep your belly out of the way while preventing heartburn and helping you breath easily.

Maternity & body pillows are designed to help you get the sleep that you need so you can stay healthy and energized enough to take care of yourself as well as your new little baby.

What is the difference between a body pillow and a pregnancy pillow?

Body pillows are not the same as pregnancy pillows, although there are some similarities. A body pillow is very long and plump so that it can be used to support any part of your body. You might roll over in bed a few times during the night and you could use a body pillow each time for support wherever you need it.

A maternity pillow is even longer than a body pillow. This extra length comes from being especially tall in the middle so that it can support your belly, back and neck at the same time. Its width will gradually taper off as well just like a body pillow so that you can get all of these benefits without having to carry around something as big as a body pillow.

Why do you need a maternity pillow?

One Pillow to Rule Them All. A body pillow is good, but it usually does not offer the same level of support as a maternity pillow. This special type of pillow is specifically designed to accommodate the contours of your pregnant body, and it will help you sleep better at night. You will wake up feeling more rested and less achy.

The bump can be very annoying at night because it creates this gap between you and the mattress that your arm has to deal with as well as your belly which is often in an awkward position when there is no support for it. With a body pillow, you will probably have to shift positions more frequently or you might wake up with sore muscles.

A maternity pillow is longer than a body pillow and it will support your entire body at the same time, including your growing belly, back and neck. This prevents strain from occurring in any one area of your body so that you can sleep more comfortably each night. It also helps align the spine which reduces the chance of tingling and cramping in your extremities.

There are many different types of maternity pillows on the market today, but they all have one thing in common: they will help you sleep better so you can stay energized and healthy throughout your pregnancy.

Can I use a regular body pillow during pregnancy?

A regular body pillow is not designed to accommodate the contours of your pregnant body, so you are unlikely to get much comfort out of it. You might be able to use a down or feather filled body pillow during pregnancy, although this type of filling can add more pressure points and make things uncomfortable.

There is also an issue with size since a regular body pillow is not going to be long enough to adequately support your body. You will probably need two pillows or you might end up rolling off of the pillow while you are sleeping.

When do I need to buy a pregnancy pillow?

You will want to buy a maternity pillow before you start showing because it can be used from the very beginning of your pregnancy. You will get a lot more use out of it early on, but even if you are not pregnant yet these pillows are still good for relieving stress and body aches.

If you wait until you have already started showing, you will have to buy a larger size maternity pillow and that could be a little more difficult. They are not too expensive so it is probably better to just buy one before you become pregnant instead of when your belly starts growing.

Where can I go to buy these pillows?

You can find all the maternity and body pillows you need online since this is where many of the top brands are sold. There are also some specialty stores that sell these pillows, but most do not carry a large selection and they might only have one brand available. You can compare prices on more than one site before making your final decision so that you get the best value for your money.

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Is C-shaped or U shape pregnancy pillow better?

It really depends on you and your sleeping habits. Some women will find that a U shaped maternity pillow is better if they sleep on their backs while others will find that the C-shaped version works best for them since it offers extra support under the belly. A U shaped pillow might offer more support to the back, but you will have to consider which is better for you as an individual.

If you are on a budget, most maternity pillows are not expensive so you can probably afford to buy one of each and test them out for yourself. This way you will know which type works best before the baby arrives.

What can I use a maternity pillow for after pregnancy?

If you are done having babies and do not plan on getting pregnant again, these pillows are still beneficial. They help support your back while you sleep which reduces the chance of developing aches and pains over time. Plus, they allow you to get into a comfortable position much easier so that stress is reduced as well.

A good quality maternity pillow can be used by anyone who wants to improve their sleeping posture and reduce stress on the body while resting. You will enjoy all the benefits of a good night’s sleep even if you are not expecting a baby any time soon.

Is it okay to wash a maternity pillow?

Yes, you should be able to wash your maternity pillow just like any other type of bedding. To help protect the integrity of the filling, make sure you use a large front loading washing machine and that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean your specific pillow.

Some pillows may not be completely dry when they are done in the laundry so they may need some time sitting out before you use them again. You might also want to consider using fabric softener if your pillow has a removable cover since this can help keep things smelling fresh between washes.

The best way to maintain your maternity pillow is by washing it every couple of months or more often if needed. This will keep allergens trapped inside the pillow where they belong and keep you from sleeping in a smelly environment. You can also change the bedding under your pillow, but be sure to use a waterproof protector just to be on the safe side.

What to look for in a pregnancy pillow

There are a few things that you should consider before making a purchase. Take some time to think about your own sleeping habits and what type of pillow would work best for you as an individual.

1. Shape: Pregnancy pillows come in many different shapes like the C, U, J, and horseshoe. Some people prefer one over another but they all serve the same purpose so try them all out to see what works best for you personally.

2. Firmness: The firmness of the filling will change how much support your neck gets while resting on it at night. If you have never used one before, it is probably better to start with something that is on the medium side and then increase or decrease it as you go.

3. Cover: Some pillows come with a cover that is removable and can be washed, while others just have a simple fabric exterior. You may want to try both styles out first before deciding which one you like better since some covers are more comfortable than others depending on the material used.

4. Price: Good quality maternity pillows are not expensive, but they do vary in price according to size, type of filling, and other factors as well. Always look for deals online or in store if you want to save money when buying yours.

5. Size: The size of your pillow is another important consideration since it needs to be big enough for you and your partner if necessary. If it is too small then the benefits will not be as good overall.

Since these pillows offer so many benefits beyond helping pregnant women get a good night’s sleep, it is always wise to invest in one sooner rather than later if possible. Whether you are planning on getting pregnant soon or not, this type of pillow will improve the quality of your sleep and reduce body pain over time.

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If you are still unsure if one is right for you, look online to find reviews from other people that have purchased a maternity pillow before. This can give you an idea of what to expect when yours arrives at your home so that any surprises along the way are minimized as much as possible.

How do you sleep with a body pillow when pregnant?

Sleeping with a body pillow is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is adjust the pillow so that it fits in between your body and mattress just like any other type of pillow would go. After this, simply rest on your side as usual and get comfortable with the pregnancy pillow. You will notice how much better your neck and back feel when you are sleeping with one under you rather than just using a regular bed pillow or nothing at all.

There are some people that prefer to sleep with a maternity pillow on top of their regular one as well. This can help you rest your arms and shoulders while getting comfortable and is meant for more severe cases of discomfort. You may also want to try sleeping in the fetal position when using yours, which is another way to get better support than just laying face up or down.

No matter what type of sleeping position you prefer, there is a pregnancy body pillow that will accommodate it and make your rest much better overall. Take the time to look around for one today and enjoy all of the benefits yours has to offer over time.

Share your experiences with us and our other readers! What’s been your experience with using a pregnancy pillow? What are some of the benefits you’ve noticed when sleeping on one? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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