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Halloween Toys for Babies

Halloween pumpkin jack later

Halloween is probably one of the favorite times of the year for both children and adults as it gives us a free pass to being whoever we want to be for a day in the year. We can transform into fictional characters such as Superman or Batman, dive into a palette of colors to add to our costumes, meet new people while trick-or-treating, or for the more extreme celebrators, organize a spooky night with scary movies and dim lights at home. 

However, celebrating Halloween with kids as a whole different story, which opens up a different and most likely alternative world of fun. Of course, we would assume that celebrating with the kids is less of a horror story and more of an exciting, joyful and cute experience that we share with the family. Especially if you have just had a newborn, your baby boy or baby girl’s first Halloween can be a truly magical story, which you will have to carefully create to help them feel the emotion of Halloween.

So let’s look at a few ways of celebrating Halloween with babies and give some suggestions for fun Halloween toys that your little one will love!

Keeping if Safe

Before we start, it’s important to first consider the safety aspects of celebrating Halloween with a baby. Keep in mind that although your Halloween may be oriented towards fairies and sweet magical creatures but for most fans of the special day, Halloween is celebrated by scary masks, blood faces and other costumes or accessories that will turn even an adult’s blood cold at the sight of someone’s transformation into a horrific character. 

The Setting

To avoid scaring your baby it will be a good idea to spend Halloween at home with the family and friends or organize a celebration where you can control the environment in order to limit the chance of your child seeing costumes, imagery, or other views that may scare them. 

 Try to create a colorful and positive atmosphere to keep your baby smiling and happy. Placing candles in carved pumpkins is a common decoration for Halloween and it could be used by parents with babies as well. However, choose the placement of the pumpkin carefully and make sure that it will be out of reach for the little ones to avoid the risk of starting a fire.


If you have chosen to celebrate Halloween at home, it’s a good idea to keep the sweets outside where trick-or-treaters can pick them up without entering your home. Again, think about your baby’s reaction if someone dressed up as Chucky or a creepy nun comes to the door. 

On the other side, it will certainly be interesting for your baby to see a fun costume so if you do decide to keep the sweets inside to share the fun of opening the door with your child make sure you can filter out the costumes before opening the door by taking a peek before opening.

Another idea to make trick-or-treating more safe and fun for babies is going around the neighborhood during the daytime, when the real trick-or-treaters with costumes have not gone out yet and the daylight is friendlier and welcoming for the little one. 

The Little One’s Costume

There are a ton of baby Halloween costumes available to dress up your baby and make them feel an active part of the celebration. For example, KidsBaron offers cool superhero suits that can be used as pajamas after the celebration. You can dress up your baby in a nice, comfortable and cozy Spiderman, Ironman, Hulk, Capitan America, Superman, or Batman costume to make them feel the festive emotion of the day. If you have a baby girl, dress her up in a cute fluffy dragon or cute animal costume or make her feel like a princess with a sparkly dress.

Dressing up your baby is a great motive for taking a Halloween photo shoot to capture your child’s first Halloween and show them their first dress-up when they get older.

Keep in mind that baby costumes should be comfortable for the kids. Make sure they keep a nice temperature and are not too hot or tight to avoid discomfort and Halloween being ruined. 

The Sweets

Halloween is probably among the favorite days of the year for the sweet-tooth people out there. An important part of the celebration is trick-or-treating for candy and sweets and avoiding the diversity of chocolates, lollipops and other temptations may be difficult, even for adults.

To prevent your baby from indulging in chocolate eating, which may not be the healthiest option for a newborn or a few months old child; it may be useful to create a special bowl of “sweets” for the baby. 

For example, you could use the baby’s normal snacks or meals but wrap them up into cool Halloween packaging or turn them into cool colorful balls that grasp attention. This way, the little one will be like everyone else who receives chocolates for trick-or-treating but will stay healthy and safe. 

Halloween Toys for Babies

We can now look at making the celebration even more fun. If we imagine the day and evening’s progress with the little ones we can assume that costumes and decoration will not be enough to keep our baby happy and interested throughout the whole time. 

It is likely that they will require something additional to keep them entertained and help them enjoy Halloween for longer. This is when toys come in to save the day! When choosing your baby’s Halloween toys it is essential to avoid small objects that can be swallowed by toddlers or such that can hurt them in other ways. It is advisable to focus on selecting fluffy toys or such that have been created with the aim of being used by babies and newborns.

Here are a few toy ideas and their use:

Climbing Spiderman Window Sucker 

You can add something more to the Halloween decorations at home by placing a Climbing Spiderman Window Sucker on the windows at home. This would be especially cool if you have selected a Spiderman baby costume for your child and help them enter the world of Spiderman by additional Halloween accessories. The mini Spiderman can also be placed in the car on the way to your trick-or-treating destination, for example.

Spiderman’s head can rotate 360 degrees, making it more interactive with the little ones regardless of where you choose to place it. 

Baby animal Pacifier

This is the perfect accessory to Halloween as it can be used both as a toy and a pacifier – two of the favorite things babies love! Imagine dressing up your baby as a cute animal and making things more fun with a soft and adorable matching pacifier with a fluffy cow, monkey or caterpillar attached to it. Amazing, right? Who wouldn’t love this useful and 100% baby safe toy?

The animal pacifier will let your baby enjoy the coziness of the toy and at the same time use the pacifier when needed. This is certainly the sweetest combination of all time and perfect for Halloween!

Pokemon Cuddly Toys

Now, we’re aware that being a few months old your baby is likely to not be very familiar with Pokemon and the cool world of its characters but we must admit that they are all cute and entertaining for babies and children of all ages. 

The fluffy Pokemon toys are a perfect distraction for Halloween and can again be used as something additional to the theme you have selected. There are a number of available Pokemon baby costumes available to dress up your child as Pikachu, for example. 

Make the experience more colorful by choosing a range of other characters from the show such as Dragonite, Gengar, Snorlax, Eevee, or Squirtle to put a smile on your baby’s face and help them get through Halloween with joy, avoiding scary and frightening moments. 

Again, the Pokemon cuddly toys are appropriate for being used by babies and will not pose a threat to your baby’s safety. 

Fluffy Pumpkin

Yes, we finally be. As we mentioned earlier, pumpkins continue to take center stage at Halloween celebrations. The reason why we use pumpkins on Halloween dates back to the time when the Celts carved faces into vegetables to make them look more alive and put a spirit in them. The celebrations of the Celts were held during the autumn time when pumpkins were especially common. The carved pumpkins were used to place a light inside them to light the people’s walk home and welcome the good spirits.

Now, as interesting as this story may be, your baby will not get the full message from seeing a pumpkin on Halloween but it is a great way to introduce the concept to your little one and explain the meaning behind it later, when they are old enough to understand. 

Considering the safety of the child, a fluffy pumpkin toy is the best way to make them familiar with the use of pumpkins on Halloween and still keep them safe and happy.

Baby Wooden Maraca Toy

Why not bring in some music to Halloween to make your baby feel special? The Baby Wooden Maraca Toy will certainly keep your child entertained during the celebration and bring in a whole new sensation of joy and festivity to Halloween. 

When playing with the toy the Wooden Maraca will make sounds, allowing your baby to explore different rhythms and sounds. This is not necessarily related to a specific character of fantasy moment of Halloween but is ideal for keeping your baby happy during the day and introducing something new during the celebration. 

Halloween with kids will welcome a completely alternative and fun on a new level experience into Halloween for parents. There is a range of ways to making the day special and enjoyable for babies and adults by mixing the traditional themes behind Halloween with baby safety and fun toys. 

Remember that while at a young age the full experience of your child’s Halloween is dependent on you as an adult and it is essential that careful planning of the celebration takes place before the actual day. We hope that the list of advice and suggestions for cool baby Halloween toys will help you make the day even more special for your little one and enjoy a memorable and amazing first Halloween with your baby.

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