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Potty Training Tips – 3 Day Strategy

potty training tips

Potty Training Tips – How to potty train a boy in 3 days or less

Potty training. What a topic! This is a task that every parent has to accomplish some day but most don´t get there as fast as they wish. Oftentimes we wait until some magic happens, but of course this never happens. The reality is …. Potty training takes time, focus and dedication to master. Sometimes it takes days, other times weeks or even months. You simply cannot force your child to pee or poo in a potty. They have to WANT it themselves.

These 2 tools are all you gonna need…

That´s why I created a set of tools and a plan for boys to get potty trained extremely fast. And the best thing is, they like it and they want to use the potty every time! For my training I recommend using two absolutely great gadgets.

1. The Froggy Potty Training Urinal
training urinal

This is a urinal specially designed for boys. The cute design and colors in combination with a little windmill placed in the middle create a fun and game-like environment. This is by far the best training tool to get rid of diapers fast.

2. Travel Potty Training Urinal
travel toilet

With the travel urinal you are given a peace of mind when travelling with your boy without diapers. We all know situations where a boy needs to pee … immediately! This travel urinal lets you continue your training even when on the road.

These are two absolutely essential gadgets which will make your life a lot easier. For the training program you can watch this video for fully explanation or read the instruction below:

Potty Training – The 3-Day-Strategy

Day 1

  • Train in 3 sessions with 60 minutes each (in the morning, afternoon and evening)
  • During sessions let him train with the urinal (or potty) every 15 minutes
  • After the sessions you can revert to diapers
  • Try “naked times” as often as possible

Day 2

  • Extend sessions to 120 minutes each
  • Introduce the “potty prize” as a reward for the first full diaperless day.
  • Praise, praise, praise!!! Build up his self-esteem, but don´t go overboard!
  • Avoid bedtime drinks (at least one hour before bedtime) and watch if diaper stays dry.

Day 3

  • Fully avoid diapers (over the day)
  • Team up with teachers to assist you with your training
  • Use a travel urinal when on the go
  • Ged rid of diapers for the night as soon as it stays dry over night

With these gadgets and the discipline you will reach your goal easily within these three days and oftentimes your boy is potty trained by the end of day two.

Good luck on your journey.

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