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The Top 11 Race Track Toys for 2019 Reviewed

We all know that toys help our kids development and we try to always provide the best for them. There is a great variety of toys on the market and we can decide which ones are suitable based on reviews, recommendations and our own experience and knowledge of our kid’s needs and preferences.

Race tracks are one of the beloved toys for generations. While it is mainly preferred by boys, a lot of girls are also happy to play with cars and tracks and engage in various races. Not to forget, that race tracks are great fun for parents as well. You can sit with your child and spend some quality time together either assembling the track or playing with it.

There is a great variety of race tracks on the market – some of them are an old classic as the Hot Wheels Tracks, others are dedicated to favorite cartoon movies and characters like McQueen from Cars. Many of the track races can be assembled in various shapes to make the game even more entertaining.

Which are the best race track toys right now?

While the choice is yours about which race track to pick for your kids, we have selected 11 race track sets to facilitate your selection and maybe give you an idea for the next present. 

KidsBaron’s Glowing Race Tracks

glowing race tracks 240 pieces super set with led car

The 240 pieces superset of glowing race tracks is one of the best offers in the market for kids and parents who love playing with cars. The set allows you to create your own track and thus stimulates imagination, creativity and engineering skills in your kid. 

As the segments are quite flexible, you can bend and curve the track in any direction thus creating loops, tunnels or bridges. The segments are not only brightly colored but they also glow in the dark and make the play even greater fun. You can build and combine the segments in various ways.

It is also quite easy to store the track once it is ready because you can simply roll it up. The material is super flexible and bends in all directions. You can also disassemble the track and create a new one any time you want to play.

The set includes 165 race track pieces, one LED car that illuminates the track in the dark, and stickers that you can use to customize each track you have created. You can also extend your track as KidsBaron offer an Extension Set with 162 more track pieces and another LED car and the option to buy an Extra LED car to enhance your collection. 

Check the option for saving on the glowing race track by ordering both the original and the extra sets together.

Criss Cross Hot Wheels Crash Track Set

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set

Hot Wheels is a classic toy brand and there is no way of omitting a race track dedicated to this brand. Criss Cross has designed a special track for crashing toys that creates lots of fun and guarantees a great time playing.

The set is organized in a way to stimulate your kid’s problem-solving skills and imagination. The track features a range of intersections, hairpin turns, and motorized boosters and allows four vehicles to compete simultaneously. The car feeder ramp sets the initial motion of the car to send it to the huge crash zone where the fun is the greatest. There is also a significant parking area to store the cars while they are not competing.

The set comes with one Hot Wheels vehicle, so your kid can start playing once the box is opened. You can get some more wheels to increase the challenge. 

You can also encourage your kids to tell a story after each crash and provoke them to think of how it could have happened in a different way. 

Carrera Digital 132 Road Hammers Race Set

Carrera Digital 132 Road Hammers Race Set

Carrera offers a race track that uses a digital system, which is a rather developed technology and takes fun to another level. The unique track layout allows up to 6 cars to be racing at the same time. 

The set comes with two racing cars – a Lola T222 and a Porsche 917/30 which are quite detailed and can be raced at two speeds. If you are playing with smaller children or you are a novice, you can select a slower speed to learn how to navigate the cars. Then, you can increase speed for real fun.

The set can mix and match with other Carrera models, which gives you an option to use your imagination and create a mega track with more challenges. Your kids will develop their creativity and engineering thinking and will fell in love with the beauty of the track and cars. 

StarryBay 1/43 Scale Electric RC Slot Car Racing Track Sets Dual Speed Mode Race Track for Boys and Girls

StarryBay 1/43 Scale Electric RC Slot Car Racing Track Sets Dual Speed Mode Race Track for Boys and Girls - 2 Slot Racing Car & 2 RC Handles Included - More Fun More Challenge More Competitive

StarryBay has designed a challenging slot car racing track to provoke not only the racer in your kid but also the engineer. The track is a bit challenging to assemble with its various parts but leaves room for creativity as there are several patterns you can come up with. It is excellent to teach your kids to be patient. 

The track is suitable for two players and the set includes two electric RC slot racing cars and two remote controls, so it is not necessary to look for additional items to start the fun. It also comes with a charger and no batteries are needed.

There are two modes of playing – low speed for practice and fast speed for the actual competition. With time, you will learn how to control the cars so that they do not derail and you can finish faster and faster.

The track is made of environmentally-safe and kid-friendly materials. It is not recommended for kids under the age of 3 and is a good gift for boys and girls who are 8 years of age or up.

TOYMYTOY Wooden Big Ramp Racer Click Clack Racetrack Playset

TOYMYTOY Wooden Car Ramp Toy Zig Zag Car Slider Click Clack Race Track

If you are looking for a race track for your toddler, TOYMYTOY has developed an excellent wooden track perfect for kids aged 1 or 2. The toy is tested for safety and is recommended for younger kids.

The bright colors will attract the attention of your toddler and the cars in motion will mesmerize them. The racetrack helps for eye-hand coordination and facilitates focus development. You can also use it to teach colors.

The pack includes three cars that can roll down the track or can be parked on top of it to rest. It will help your kid develop its imagination and will provide enjoyable play time either on their own or with parents. 

Fisher-Price FBJ40 Disney Mickey & The Roadster Racers

Fisher-Price Disney Mickey & the Roadster Racers, Mickey Ears Raceway

If your child is a Mickey Mouse fan, then this racetrack offered by Fisher-Price is one of the best gifts you can get them. The set features a Mickey-shaped double-level raceway and 2 cars, which allows children to play together and race.

The raceway is equipped with spinning flags, road signs, switch gates, parking area, and a finish line to mimic a real race. It is possible to expand the track and connect other sets using the Mickey-shaped connectors. 

The toy encourages team play and helps with coordination, focus, and creativity. 

 Inspiration Play Tot Tube Playset

Tot Tube Playset - Toy Car and Ball Tunnel Ramp Race Track

Inspiration Play stays true to their name and offer a bit of old-fashioned fun for your kids provoking their creativity and imagination. While not exactly a car race track, the tube playset offers a great possibility for racing cars and having fun.

The set consists of three pieces that are very easy to assemble and can be used anywhere indoors or outside. You need to prop the tube against a couch or chair. Let your kids figure out the right angle that will make the card run down. The tube can be used with cars, balls or other objects. The middle part of the tube is transparent so that your kids can observe the objects racing down. 

You can get two sets so that kids can race side-by-side or connect the two sets to make one longer tube offering more fun. 

Note that cars and balls are not included in the set so you need to secure them additionally. 

Thomas & Friends Track Master

Let your child learn that racing can take other forms as well and that water is a wonderful racetrack. With the cute Thomas the Tank Engine your kid can explore how to switch from a land to sea journey. Thomas powers the rolling boat from dock to dock. The boat rocks back and forth while moving on the water-resembling track to give an idea of movement at the sea.

The set is fairly easy to assemble and requires batteries to learn. It helps kids discover different colors and textures and excites with its train and sea-themed design. 

KidKraft Mega Ramp Wooden Racing Track Set

KidKraft has developed a mega track set that is compatible with hot wheels and other toy cars in order to provide kids with endless hours of fun. The set includes the track, which features a giant launch ramp, gliding elevator, gas station, helicopter with helipad, 5 cars, and lights.

The design allows for hours of different plays and helps your children develop their imagination and decision-making. It is great for entertaining more than one child and is suitable for siblings at a different age. The sturdy wood construction is made with child safety in mind and is meant to withstand many hours of consecutive play.

The track looks fabulous and is quite easy to assemble thanks to the step-by-step instruction included. You can turn assembly time into play and bonding time with your kid. Once set, the track can be used with other toys cars in addition to those provided in the set. 

HOMOFY Slot Car Race Track Sets Dinosaur Toys Jurassic World

HOMOFY has created the perfect race track set for kids who love dinosaurs. The set contains 142 track pieces pained in different shades of green, 1 military off-road vehicle, 2 dinosaurs, 4 trees, 2 slopes, 1 coble-door, and 1 hanging bridge.

The track pieces are quite flexible and can be bent and reshaped to create various track configurations. This will provoke your kid’s imagination, creativity, and engineering skills. Using their imaginations, kids can arrange the entire setting of this Jurassic Park-themed race track. They can use the military off-road vehicle to travel around the park and observe the dinosaurs. 

All the track pieces and toys are made of safe and durable material, which makes them suitable for many hours of play in the prehistoric world. Note that the car runs with a battery, which is not included in the pack. 

BluTrack Starter Set

BluTrack offers a different kind of racetrack experience for you and your kids. This is a build it yourself track that you can design in your own desire. The set includes 18-Foot Continuous coil of flexible 2 lane race track, reusable storage, adaptable hangers, and a transport box.

The material of the track is so flexible that it allows you to build loops, ramps or jumps. The great length gives room to your kid’s imagination for countless configurations.

The two-lane track is made of durable material and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The hangers included in the set allows the track to be attached to walls or furniture for more fun. It can be used with a great variety of toy cars, including Hot Wheels and Darda size and style cars. 

Race tracks are a great way to teach children about gravity, motion, speed and the various ways vehicles can move. Depending on their composition, they are suitable for a great range of ages – from toddlers to teenagers and stimulate independent play while also perfect for roleplays and teamwork.

You can also check the Toys section of our online shop for more inspiration when looking for a gift.

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  1. We bought #2 as a birthday gift for our 7 year old nephew after he saw them on TV. The car is well made and has a lot of power to it. He very love this toy.

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