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11 Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained During Holidays

how to keep kids entertained during holidays

Holidays are loved by children and often dreaded by their parents who are not sure how to keep them entertained for such a long time. While little boredom is not bad for your kids, too much of it can make them misbehave. Hence, it is a good idea to be prepared with a few cards up your sleeve in order to avoid that.

Start by viewing the holiday season as the best time to bond with your kids. Let yourself participate in their games as well and have fun. 

In order to reduce the stress of thinking a particular activity for every day or every week of the longer vacations, you can make a plan in advance. Once you start writing done possible activities, you will find out how many unique options will come to your mind. Try to be as creative as possible and offer a variety of ideas. Note that allowing your kids to spend the entire holiday in front of their tablets or with a smartphone in hand, is not the best alternative to provide.

You can include some of the games that you used to play as kids, you can also think of how to use the materials you have at home, introduce some new educational toys or take advantage of the new technologies in a clever way that will promote your kids to be active participants in the activity and not passive viewers. 

Note that it depends on the holiday season a lot as well since summer time gives you more options for outdoor play, while the Easter or Christmas holidays can keep your kids busy doing thematical activities or simply decorating the house and preparing gifts for friends and family. 

How to keep kids entertained during holidays?

If you are curious what can keep your kids busy during the holidays and give you some time to do your work or relax, below you will find 11 clever suggestions that can come handy immediately. 

Discover the local library

One of the best gifts to give your children is the love of books. If it has been a long time since you went to the library, then you can rediscover it with your kids. A library offers much more than books these days, you can borrow movies or music as well. And there is nothing compared to holding an old book in your hands.

It is a good idea to spend some time reading a book in the library, not simply borrowing one for home. The atmosphere in the library is quite different from anywhere else and your kids can make use of the silence and practice doing something pleasant without too much ado. 

Go camping

Spending time in nature is always a good idea, especially when the weather permits it. If you are home with your kids during the Easter or summer holidays, you can organize camping for the entire family. Check which are the most suitable destinations for camping and go for it. Make sure to prepare all the necessary blankets, insect repellents, food, and a few games, perhaps. Pack your good mood and you are ready for the adventure.

As an alternative, you can encourage your kids to go camping in your backyard. This can be like a sleepover with friends or you can challenge them to spend a whole day or two in a tent outside deprived of the “modern comforts”. See, who can be the winner of the challenge – the one to go home to their computer or TV can be “punished” to help with cooking for a week. Which, by the way, is yet another great way to keep kids occupied during holidays. 

Have a garage sale

You can have a win-win situation by organizing a garage sale. Encourage your kids to clean their room and pack every toy or piece of clothing they no longer use or like. Thus, you will keep them busy for a while and end up with a cleaner house. As a bonus, you might win some money at the sale for a family outing.

As part of the garage sale, you can include some home-baked cookies or offer fresh lemonade. These are all additional activities to keep your kids busy but also make them feel proud of what they have achieved at the end of the day. 

Organize a treasure hunt

A treasure hunt is a great activity both for indoors and outdoors and can be adapted to the age of the kids participating in it. Depending on how big your kids are, you can organize the treasure hunt in two ways:

  • Hide a small treat in the garden or somewhere in the house and draw a map leading to it. You can also use written clues or a chain reaction – where one clue leads to another until the treasure is found. You can make quite a simple map that even your preschooler can read and follow or a complicated activity to challenge older children. 
  • Ask your kids to hide something around the house and draw a map with written instructions for you to find it. This is suitable for older kids who can write as well. And, of course, it needs your time and will to participate more actively in the game.

You can always take turns to be the map-maker or the seeker and thus give more chances to this wonderful game. 

Create an assault course 

Challenge your kids’ physical abilities by making an assault course in the backyard. It doesn’t have to be something fancy – you can use old pieces of wood, cardboard boxes, garden furniture, buckets or simply anything that lays around in the garden. The aim is to be able to jump over, under or go around each item.

Make your children time each of their rounds and compete who will be faster. 

You can create a course that can be completed either running or on bicycle, scooter, rollers, skateboard. 

Have fun while painting

Painting is a great alternative to simply drawing or sketching. It can be quite relieving as an activity as long as you do it properly. 

If you have an old fence or a shed in the garden, why don’t you let your children get creative? Let the kids paint in the colors they love while drawing their favorite cartoon heroes or simply something they love.

You will end up having a refreshed fence or shed and your kids will spend a day out having fun.

If you are brave enough, you can let your kids paint the walls of their room. Make sure that you have covered everything valuable properly so that you do not have to work too hard to clean the mess afterwards. 

A tip for the parents of toddlers and younger kids: you can keep your little one occupied in the warmer days by letting them “paint” the fence using water. 

Keep a diary

Writing is a great way to relieve stress for adults. For kids, it can be a bit boring or even sound like a punishment – you are made to write during your holidays. While this activity is quite useful for your kids, it can be fun too.

Offer them to keep a diary of their summer adventures and suggest that they can make a scrapbook. Encourage them to take pictures to put in it or to collect small objects like leaves or flowers from the places you have visited. At the end of the day, they can stick those items in the book and write a few sentences about how the day went. Offer some help, if necessary or suggest that you write a paragraph once in a while about the activities you participated in. 

This will be a fun memory to come back to after several years. 

Organize an adventure without your car 

We are used to going around in our cars and if they are broken, we feel as if missing a leg and an arm. Why don’t you challenge your kids and yourself to travel around your town without a car? Discover the local transport and see where it can take you.

Select a few interesting places to visit such as parks, the zoo, a museum and plan your route their using public transport. You can choose to switch between different means of transportation, if any, or stick to one particular type. If you choose the second option, you can make another trip downtown next week as well, this type using different means of public transport.

Thus, you can pretend to be a tourist in your home town and look at it through different eyes. You will discover many new places that you were unaware existed. 

Film a movie

Encourage your kids to be moviemakers. Thus, you can use some of the modern technologies to your advantage. The kids can film a simple movie using their or your smartphone and then you can help them edit it. You can participate as a director and give them a topic around which the movie can evolve or you can let them be as creative as they want.

This activity is suitable for kids of various ages. Younger ones can use their toys and make shorter series, while you can encourage teenagers to film a topic that is of interest for them and their peers. Encourage them to find authentic sources of information to back up the project but remember that they should have fun. 

Fly kites 

Flying kites is a beloved activity for kids of all ages. If the weather permits you, you should definitely include it in your to do list during the holidays.

You can make a few kites together with the kids and even organize a competition – for the biggest/smallest kite that flies, for the longest flight, for the most original kite concept, etc. It is one of those activities that are emblematic for childhood and that will always awake the child in you as well and let you have pure fun and joy together with your kids. 

Take it easy 

Last but not least, do not forget that the holiday is time to relax and chill out. Do not plan too many activities for your kids or organize a schedule that is too tight. You can simply have a few days to watch movies and eat popcorns, draw, read or play games. 

Go to the beach or to a pool and swim if the weather is nice or make a snowman in winter. Bake your favorite cookies together or take care of the plants in the garden. All of these activities are great alternatives to screen time and will help your kids learn tons of new skills while having fun.

You can organize a fashion show or a toy display as part of the entertainment during your holidays and you can check the respective sections in our online shop if you miss an item for the activity.

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