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Of Collectibles and Keepsakes: Toys Kids Will Keep For Years

toys and collectibles blog article by Jacqueline Lamont

written by guest author Jacqueline Lamont

The U.S. toy industry grew to the tune to $20.4 Billion in 2016 based on an industry report by the NPD Group. That number hasn’t shown any inclination of slowing down in the least. In the past decade or so, the TV and film industry has flooded the market with superheroes. Not too far behind were toys and merchandise that allowed kids to go around dressed as their favorite character. If you’ve got a little one around, it’s best to get a heads up on what sort of toys, collectibles, or keepsakes your kids may want that will become collectibles for years.

Pokemon Collectibles

Children like to collect toys and other pop culture collectibles because not only it gives them something to do or look forward to but it also promotes a sense of accomplishment. The Pokemon game and TV series have collectibles in the form of apparel, figures, toys, and even cards. It has a myriad of “pocket monsters” that come with their own abilities, colors, and facts so it’s pretty assured that there will be something that the child can gravitate toward,

Fun Funkos

Children like to surround themselves with their favorites–whether its a color, a theme, or a character. The whole concept of a Funko is fairly simple. It’s a licensed popular culture figurine which varies from regular statuettes or bobbleheads. They run the gamut from children’s movie characters to popular TV and movie characters. So it’s not surprising to see Mickey Mouse and Batman sold on the same shelf. While not exactly something to play with, it’s a collectible that can increase in value as time passes by or can be resold for other collectors.

Hands-on Legos

Not all kids are content to just have figures of their favorite characters; some kids prefer collectibles that they can build and that’s where the unending appeal of Lego comes in. Founded in 1932, it continues to beat out other toys with its licensing deals with popular brands like Marvel, DC, Nintendo, HBO, and so many others. Not only do Legos now come in a wide variety of themes but they are still easy to pick up and play. What makes them timeless is the fact that as long as you have Lego lying around the house, you can mix the blocks together–making the possibilities of what you can create virtually infinite.

The Appealing Unknown

In more recent years, blind packs have been a favorite of a lot of kids who like the thrill of seeing what they get as opposed to actually knowing what’s in the box. Popular examples of this are Hatchimals–the animatronic fluff toy that comes in an egg. Blind packs usually have different figures to make the purchase more appealing. Should a child complete a set of collectibles, it is almost assured that there will be another set released soon.
There will always be a lot of options when it comes to children’s collectibles. It’s best to really get a pulse on what they really want before purchasing the toy or figure that they want. With the industry still blooming, there will surely still be a lot to look forward to in the future.

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