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Orbeez – The 11 coolest ideas for the whole family

orbeez what are they and what can you do with them

Orbeez are so much fun, they're a must-have. You'll find them in most stores these days, but they're also available on Amazon of course. So what can you do with Orbeez? What CAN'T you do? Orbeez are squishy little balls that come in a variety of colors and sizes. They can be used for water beads, arts and crafts or even put into an Orbeez Gun to shoot at your friends. Or be silly and create Orbeez-inspired works of art, like an Orbeez Snake! Or play catch with them with the Orbeez Water Battle Game. Or why don't you create an Orbeez Pool so you can float around in your very own pool of Orbeez? There's really no end to the fun you can have with these little guys, so get creative – or as the kids say, Orbeez it!

This article explains how to use Orbeez and answers some of the most asked questions about them. And we'll give you some really cool ideas how to use Orbeez yourself, together with your kids and the whole family.

What are Orbeez used for?

You can use them in many different ways. Squish them like putty, they can be soaked up with your fingers like clay and popped on their own like popcorn. The little polymer balls are also safe and non-toxic which makes them great for the entire family. Orbeez are fun for kids of all ages (and even adults!). Use Orbeez to make rock candy necklaces, Orbee Tuff slingshots, Orbee Buggy cars or a bouncy castle! You can either buy kits with everything you need to make a certain toy or simply add Orbeez to your existing toys!

kidsbaron Orbeez banner

How do Orbeez work? Simply pour them into water and watch them magically expand into giant gel balls. They grow to about 100 times their size and look like water bubbles or huge gel balls when they are fully expanded. You can even reuse them a few times, but the more you use them, the harder it will be for them to expand again. To dry Orbeez after using them, simply let them air-dry for a day or two or you can pop them in a low oven at 150 °F (66 °C) until they're completely dry!

Are Orbeez dangerous?

Orbeez are not dangerous but they should be kept away from pets or very little children because they can make them sick. Orbeez contain a tiny amount of citric acid, which is produced by an insect to prevent fungus and mold from growing inside the Orbeez. But this substance cannot hurt humans because we eat citric acid all the time in citrus fruits like oranges! If Orbeez are eaten by a pet or small child the citric acid will not hurt them, but it can give them an upset stomach because Orbeez expand and take up space in their stomach. That's why when you swallow too many big gulps of milk it makes you feel sick. The same happens with water beads in pets and young children. So always keep the little beads away from pets and very young children (younger than 5 years).

Are Orbeez environmentally friendly?

Orbeez can be used again and again by simply adding more water to them so it's friendly for the environment. It takes around 7 gallons of water to make one pound of Orbeez, but you need only a small amount of water to keep the beads expanded. So after using Orbeez for the first time, all you have to do is add more water!

However, water beads are not all-natural or biodegradable. To use them as an organic and environmentally friendly gardening reinforcement, the grown Orbeez can be tilled into the dirt to hold moisture in for plants. But, they are not fully biodegradable like other products.

What's the difference between Orbeez and water beads?

Water beads and Orbeez have a lot in common, but there are also some differences. Water beads are made from polymers and therefore don't contain any seeds or nuts while many of the Orbeez products contain no fillers, so you can enjoy both without worrying about harmful substances that would otherwise be present in your food or drink! The Orbeez website says that they're the original water beads, but in reality both brands are not very different! Both brands have been gaining popularity at a fast pace for more than a few years now.

Orbeez are slightly less expensive on Amazon compared to water beads which is why some people prefer them. Orbeez are also a lighter version of water beads and many users of Orbeez say they feel like moose candy or gummy bears when chewed between the teeth. Water beads absorb four times their weight in water so you don't need as much to make something with them while Orbeez expand up to 100 times their weight in water so you don't need as little either!

How long do Orbeez last?

They can last anywhere between 1 hour and several months depending on how you use them and if they dry out properly. If you store your already used Orbeez in an airtight container they will last longer because humidity and oxygen will make them harder for them to expand, which makes them more brittle.

If you want your Orbeez to last longer, you should not add fresh water because this will dissolve the glue holding each bead together and prevent them from expanding into giant gel balls . You can also add a few drops of dish soap before placing them in the tub or pool if you don't mind getting some on yourself. This way the beads won't stick onto you either!

The best way to keep your Orbeez expanded for several months is to place your used Orbeez into an airtight container (like Tupperware) with full or almost empty water bottles filled with more water inside. The weight of the water bottle will prevent your Orbeez from floating to the top and it will keep them moist enough for them not to dry up.

The 11 coolest Orbeez toys and products

1. Orbeez – Ultimate Soothing Spa, Pack 1, Foot Spa

orbeez foot spa

Treat Your Feet!

Give your feet the pampering power of Orbeez with the Soothing Spa. It has everything you need to give you and your besties that pedicure of your dreams: 2,000 growable Orbeez seeds, nail polish, 2 toe separators and a bonus tube of 400 ready-to-use grown Orbeez. Pour a packet of seeds into the spa, fill it with water and watch them magically turn into juicy grown Orbeez in 4 hours. Drain excess water before pressing the button for cascade over your feet so they feel relaxed by this soothing waterfall sensation just like an underwater massage as it soothes away all negative energy!

2. Orbeez – Grown Mega Pack

orbeez mega pack

This 2,000-count Orbeez pack comes with 400 of each color and 5 amazing colors — it’s time to get straight to the fun!

Sensory Toy

The color, form and texture of these small balls provide a soothing sensory experience for kids as well as adults. Often used in classrooms to teach students about physics and engineering components, they’ve also proven their worth as stress balls, fidget toys, tactile toys and even vase filler.

Endless Ways to Play

Bouncing, crushing, smashing them. Fill an inflatable pool; use them in crafts and arts. Add them to a sensory bin – it’s endless with Orbeez!

Non-Toxic and Safety Tested

Toys like Orbeez are colorfast and meet safety regulations.

3. Orbeez Challenge inspired by TikTok

orbeez challenge inspired by tiktok set #orbeezchallenge

The #OrbeezChallenge

Introducing the Orbeez Challenge! Inspired by TikTok’s #OrbeezChallenge, kids can easily create similar effects at home. Kids enjoy making two thousand-ish Orbeez bounce, explode, and more. And it’s easy to clean up afterwards with so many different tools included in the set.

4. Orbeez Color Meez

orbeez color Meez set

Color Your Orbeez!

Add color to your Orbeez with the Color Meez Kit! This kit includes 400 clear grown Orbeez, 800 seeds and 3 liquid colors to transform all 1,200. With the clear Orbeez in one of two included tubes already, start creating right out of the box. Add coloring into your tube or mix and match for a new shade with just 30 minutes wait time before they’re ready to play again after a rinse!

5. Orbeez Spin & Soothe Hand Spa

orbeez hand spa

Give Yourself the Ultimate Hand Massage!

The newest and most exciting way to get a perfect manicure: with 1,000 Orbeez and a spinning bowl that swirls around your hand for the ultimate massage. A winner in many people's books, include ours! Includes nail file and 30 nail stickers. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included).

6. Rainbow Seed Bag with 75,000 water beads

rainbow seeds set with 75,000 orbeez

Orbeez Rainbow Seed Bag

Grow and Customize 75,000 Orbeez!

You’ll have a blast with the 75,000 Orbeez seeds in the Rainbow Seed Bag! Pour out some seeds from the easy-pour spout and twist the cap closed until you’re ready to soak more. Next, hydrate your Orbeez Seeds!

Watch Orbeez magically grow before you eyes in only 4 hours! These seeds, when added to water become juicy grown Orbeez that can be rolled around and crushed. With the variety pack of Rainbow seed bags, there is no end to the fun.

7. Gel Blaster Orbeez Gun

Orbeez Gun Water Beads Shooting Gun

The ultimate Orbeez Shooting Game

Kids just love to shoot Orbeez or other water beads. And this Orbeez gun does its job perfectly. And it comes with safety features built-in. The package includes:

  • 1 x Orbeez Gun
  • 5000 water beads
  • Safety Goggles
  • 7.4V Lithium Battery 1200 mAh
  • Charger

8. Orbeez – Massaging Body Spa

Orbeez Body Massage Spa Seat

Relieving Massage with Orbeez

Now you can relieve your stress by immersing yourself in the soothing softness of Orbeez. That’s right – you can literally sit in an inflatable lounge chair filled with Orbeez. The Massage Bed features soothing vibration and hand pouches to enhance your relaxation. Sophisticated and stylish, it doubles as comfy reclining furniture.

9. Orbeez Wow World – Wowzer Surprise

Orbeez Wow world woozier surprise set

Orbeez in combination with Wowzer Surprise

Add water and get surprised which Wowzer figure you'll get. Kids just love surprise toys and this one makes a great gift to all children or adults who love Orbeez and Wowzer.

10. Water beads Sensory Play Set

Orbeez sensory sea animals play set

All the sensory water beads fun without the mess!

The Water Beads Sea Animals Playset exclusive by Dazmers Toys is perfect for kids seeking a creative and engaging activity that will promote their creativity. This set includes all varieties of sea animals your little ocean explorers can find, such as an octopus, walrus, crab, seahorse and more!

11. Sensory Stress Ball Set with Orbeez or water beads

Orbeez anti-stress balls 12 pack

Great ideas how to have fun with Orbeez!

Just in case you haven't found what you here looking for in this article, here are a few other tips and ideas how you can have fun with Orbeez:

  • Build an underwater volcano! All you need is a small plastic bottle and some Orbeez for this exciting science experiment. Make the volcano erupt with steam by adding vinegar to the mix, which causes dissolving CO2 from soda water, baking soda and vinegar. Use food coloring to create rainbow lava rocks or glow in the dark lava rocks that let off a cool blue-green light when exposed to blacklight. Genius!
  • Plan your own aquarium inside a glass jar filled with Orbeez! Choose what wildlife you want in it and then add water, air plants (for aquatic animals) up to the rim of the jar and lastly add your favorite Orbeez until you can no longer see them. Tighten the top if it has one and then place the jar in a shallow spot in your home where you can easily see it and watch as the Orbeez turn into tiny animals. Add some air plants to give them an extra oxygen boost if they seem like they need it, or simply add more water a bit at a time.
  • Get some work done in your tub! The ultimate relaxation comes when you can combine practical things with a fun activity. Get your laptop and all your gear ready to film this cool new project for the day, be it for blogging or vlogging purposes, and then hop into the hot bath that's already full of bubbles. With Orbeez on hand you will have an entertaining experience while doing something productive at the same time.
  • Create your own zoo adventure! Orbeez help you build an entire zoo with this pack of 4 wild animals and a zookeeper figurine, including baby animals and accessories like trees, leaves, rocks and flowers. You can also grow any kind of animal using its kid friendly Instruction Guide that teaches kids how food chains work so they can learn about ecology in their own comfortable home! All it takes is for you to pour in some seeds into the special plastic tray where they will gradually grow into living things.
  • If you want something smaller for younger kids, there's always the Orbeez Bug and Friends Teaser Set that comes with a handful of bugs to build or recreate in your imaginary world. You can use them as fun bath toys or bring them outdoors for an exciting bug hunt!
  • Fill an ice cube tray entirely with Orbeez and then add water, or even milk (if you'd like a creamy-looking frozen treat). Make it baby safe by adding just enough water so that when it freezes, the Orbeez will be completely submerged in ice cubes. Let them sit in there until they've formed icy grown egg shapes and then eat away your frozen goodies!
  • Bubble adventures are always fun for kids, but it can get a little boring when you have to continuously refill the solution with Orbeez. Why not let them build their own bubble machine using just 2 mason jars and 1 piece of string? Cut the string in half so you have 2 strings, then tie one string around the neck of each jar. Dip the ends into your magic bubbling solution (Orbeez mixed with water) and pull each string out at the same time to make bubbles fly everywhere!

Orbeez are the perfect way to make all of your favorite games more exciting than ever. Once you have recovered from that giant wave, be thankful for this pack of Orbeez that will take you and your family on an awesome new adventure. These tiny spheres can create a relaxing spa-like environment in the comfort of your own home when they're used as bath bombs or added to any game with water – like bubble wands! What other ideas do you have for using these little balls? Share them below because we would love to hear about it.

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