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Walkie-Talkie Watch Set – Military Style

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  • Each order comes with a set of 2 watches
  • Up to 500 feet (150m)
  • 7 Functions
  • Fit any wrist size

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Walkie-Talkie Watch Set with 7 Functions for Survival Kids

Kids love using and playing around with walkie-talkies. The imagination during wild-life safaris, jungle adventures, police or Special Agent role plays has no limit. And, by the way, they are just super cool if you just want to communicate with your friends or family members.

Communication is one of the skills that kids can’t learn on their own. Can you imagine a cooler way to learn this essential skill than using walkie-talkies?

walkie-talkie watch with 7 functions


Our newest generation of this amazing walkie-talkie watch does not only have an antenna that is able to send and receive signals up to 500 feet (150m), it also has 6 other functions that will make this watch so beneficial. A night light helps you find your stuff, even in the darkest caves. And it works in kids bedrooms as well. A compass always guides you the way to your goal, safe drop capsules leave private, secret messages for your mates or team members, A magnifying lens helps you reading even the smallest letters (or secret messages), a speculum reflects the light, so you can give your crew signals, when in danger and there’s of course the watch, so you never miss your time, even during the most exiting games.

The military camouflage style looks really cool and makes this watch almost invisible in the jungle. This is truly a gadget, James Bond would be jealous of…


This product comes as a set, which means that you’ll receive 2 walkie-talkie watches with just one order. Please make sure to order your set today because we only have a limited sales stock, that is selling out very fast.

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